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Band Biography
Rictus Grin Translated means the
grotesquely askew smile on the face of a
corpse.  In this spirit of arcane morbidity
the story begins.  Through the chaos of
underground warehouse parties to the
staggering heights of European tours and
mainstage mayhem Rictus Grin remains a
true and grim force.  Ascending from the
tombs of the underground metal scene
their steadfast focus lies in not only
showcasing their own dark creations, but
also unearthing other local talent and
unifying the scene one show at a time.

Rictus Grin continues to easily cross the
lines between unforgettable underground
parties and rabidly intense shows.  Now
that their reputation has spread, the metal
community expects from Rictus Grin an
unconventionally gripping and unique
performance and a stage show that evoks
pits, body passing, and band-encouraged
prop demolition.  Remembering their
goals to reach beyond themselves, Rictus
Grin organizes an annual Doomsday
metal festival to showcase the talents of
underground bands from all over the US,
a festival that has occurred annually in
the dead of winter for 10 years.  Also
always immersed in the scene, Rictus
Grin vigilantly books WI show dates for
touring acts from all over the world.

Upcoming Events:

Marketing our new cd and setting up
domestic and overseas tours.

dezzz :  Bass Guitar, Vox
Larry:  Lead Guitar, Vox
Tyler:  Drums


Burning a Cold Fire 2016
Townies 2011
Resurrection 2007
Living the Dream 2005
Taste the Steel 2003
The Truth of Darkness 2002
No Regrets 2001
Life Without Frown 1999
Major Achievements:
Toured the US Independently 2006 and 2007
Toured Iceland 2005
Toured Romania 2006 and 2014
Voted as a Sickmetal.com Metal Band Contest Semi-Finalist!
"Living the Dream" Voted One of Metal Net Radio's top 10 Indie
Albums of 2005
Summerfest 2002, 2003, and 2004
Performed at Minneapolis Mayhem with Morbid Angel,
Suffocation, and Satyricon
Performed with Iced Earth, Exodus, King Diamond & Anthrax
Performed with Meshuggah & Strapping Young Lad
Headlined Tony's Annual Birthday Bash 2004, 2005, 2006
Performed LSMF 2K3 Fest
Performed and Setup Allenton 2001, 2002, and 2003
Performed and Setup Doomsday 2000 thru 2011
Performed at Funky 420 Metal Meltdown at Vnuks 2003
Featured on Descent's Last Show Comp
Featured on AFB Indie Promotions Sounds from the Ground
Volume 1 Comp
Performed at Eardrum Armageddon IV 2002
Featured as 'Band of the Month' on AFB Indie
Promotions Site
Voted 'Most Helpful Member' AFB Indie
Promotions Site
Performed Death Denied Benefit Show
Featured on Metal Harmonies Magazine in
Belgium 2000
Featured as 'Band of the Week' on WLZR
Lazer 103 Site
Official Death Metal Band of the Bob and
Brian show WHQG
Endorsed by Coors Company
Rictus Grin has Performed With:
Mark Rizzo, Fear Factory, Hate Eternal, Kobra and the Lotus,
Queensryche, Gwar, Soil, Chimera, Cannible Corpse, Thor, Zolar X,
Goatwhore, Anal Blast, Lividity, Fecal Corpse, Motorhead, Corrosion of
Conformity, Obituary, Napalm Death, Dead to Fall, Therion, Metal
Church, 3 Inches of Blood, Ministry, Thrill Kill Kult, Judas Priest,
Anthrax, Exodus, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, King Diamond,
Damageplan, Mudvayne, Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, Evergrey,
Morbid Angel, Morbid Saint, Suffocation, Satyricon, Entombed, E-Town
Concrete, Collysion, Alloy Plot, Bray Road, To Set Ablaze, Arbor,
Razorfist, Slug Shell, Anal Blast, Woofsnout, Novembers Doom,
Lockjaw, 7 Plagues, Hebron, Weaponry, Scofflaw, Kaos, Sketchy,
Avenger of Blood, Nocturne, Dark Shift, From Alice to Ocean, Repeated
Trauma, Eternus Litis, Prey on Hope, Silence All, Of her Blood, Lost in
Blue, Pist, Mongo7, Twelfth Gate, Nailwounds, Siebn Sept, Askew
Demise, The Carbon Parlor, Begin the End, Katella, Muzzy Luctin,
D.O.T.A.C., Underthreat, Morta Skuld, Stageseven, Onus, Dominion,
Play Dead, S.O.R.E., White Kunckle Trip, Roast, Bastard Sun, Snooky,
Atomic Number 9, Swamp, Putrid Pile, Putrid Dissentary, Descent,
L.O.W., Hangman, KOOK, A Shroud Cast Over, World Asleep,9MM
Solution, Dark Fate, Fake Healer, Lee Harvey Oswald, Man Bites Dog,
HateFightHate, Planet Delirium, Stasis, Octane, Razorblade Smile, Siliditi,
Orion Nine, Disinformation Machine, Skitzafit, GLTL, Degeneritz,
Stygian, Poor Me, Bound to One, Unbecoming U, Destiss, Stone Misery,
Trauma Concept, Crepitus, Trauma Sponge, Emotional Flatline, Boxhead,
Figure H8, and pretty much everyone else...
The House of Blues Chicago,
Lazer Rock Stage Summerfest,
The Rave Mainstage, The Main
Stage @ The Quest Club
(Minneapolis), The Rave Bar,  
The Dr's Office, Ziggy's, The
Reptile Palace, The Rockstar
Saloon, The Reverb (IA), Station
4 (MN), Canopy Club (IL),
Grand Rokk (Iceland), Club
Hellrion (Iceland), Barock
(Romania), Club Abyss
(Romania), Piano Club,
(Romania), Rock, Blues, Jazz
Club (Romania), Metal Box
(Romania), Utopia Club
(Romania), The Stage Club,
(Romania), Globe East, Reed
Street Station, Vnuk's, Scott
Street Pub, Zodiac Motorcycle
Club, Cackle Jack's, RD's
Retreat, Mr Z's, Illusions hall,
Timmy G's The Rage, Turner
Hall, Casa Mexico, California
Dream Inn, Who's On First,
Globe West, Nieners (Missouri),
Scores, The Rage , Redmont Inn
(IL), Triggers, Villager, Iron
Horse, etc...
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